My skincare essentials you NEED to try!


For me, I have always struggled to find the perfect skincare routine that would leave me with flawless, glowing skin. I have gone to various demonologists to figure out my skin type and what products would work best for me personally.

If you’re like me and have sensitive and dry skin, I encourage you to check out the beauty products that I found (after manyyears) work the best for me year-round and leave my skin feeling clean, bright and flawless!

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Galentine’s Gift Guide!

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 3.00.04 PM

Tis’ the season for sharing your appreciation & opening your heart to your friends and loved ones this Valentine’s day! Whether you’ve got a significant other or not, these Urban Outfitters Galentine’s inspired gifts are so cute (and are all under $50 each)!

Check out the links below to find the perfect gift for your bestie that suites her style! Don’t forget to leave any comments or questions at the bottom of this post – I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Happy Galentine’s Celebrations!



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New Year New You Fitness Inspired Style!


adult-1867757_1280How’s that “New year new you” body coming along?! Even if it’s not coming along so hot right now, you can at least always look the part! I’ve been trying to keep up with my workout routine by going to SoulCycle at least four times a week, but I’m only human and I’m of course guilty of sleeping in, being “too busy” and simply not in the mood to work out! However, the best part about these off days is having the chance to fake it and look the part to get you feeling motivated once more!

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How to Rock a Winter Layered Look


Tis’ the season to bundle up in cozy outfits and layer on different pieces of clothing to perfect your winter go-to look! Layering seems simple, but it can take some time to master which types of clothing go best together when thinking about colors, material, length and so on. Below is a quick guide on how to master the layering process so that your winter style stands out from the crowd and doesn’t clash all together!

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FAQs: Taking photos, editing them, and posting to the LikeToKnow.It app

By now, a lot of you that follow me either on Instagram @laurenmaiale or through my blog know that I have been using the LikeToKnow.It app (LTK) to link my outfits, accessories, shoes and so forth so that you can easily shop all of my looks. For those who are not familiar with the LTK app, I’m here to clarify some common questions that I have been asked to help you better understand this platform. Alongside this, I wanted to take this time to also share with you what camera I use to take my photos with and what apps I use to edits my pictures to perfection. Below is an inside look into my life as a blogger on Instagram while addressing your frequently asked questions!

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The two summer fashion trends that are making us all feel nostalgic


Who remembers going to summer camp and tie-dyeing cotton t-shirts? And who else remembers going to an 80’s-themed school event or party dressed up in everything neon? I’m gonna assume that’s just about everyone reading this post! Fast forward to today and these trends are making a major comeback just in time for summer. (The good news is, tie-dye shirts and neon skirts are much more stylish than the ones you probably remember when you were younger!)

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Here’s a quick way to get a week’s worth of content for your fashion blog in just one hour

Photo by from Pexels

Do you ever wonder how fashion bloggers have SO much content at hand and can post daily with totally new looks? Or do you ever wonder how they possibly find the time to do so? Well, there’s a little known blogger secret that allows them to do both of these, and it’s called batching. 

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking the Perfect Selfie

Whether you’re on vacation, exploring a new hot-spot in town, or just hanging out at home, you might be feeling yourself a little extra that day! To capture the moment and your look, taking the perfect selfie might seem simple, right? Whenever I try to snap the perfect picture, I find myself taking at least 200 at a time and then picking my favorite pose. Taking a selfie  to say the least can be time consuming and even frustrating if you don’t get the right angle or the perfect lighting needed to make you look your absolute best.

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